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IST Eco Club

As part of our commitment to sustainability and biodiversity, the IST Eco Club prides itself on initiating and partaking in countless events and activities related to our environment. Despite being a smaller community, we understand the real significance of our work in achieving greater sustainability, and by result, we heavily focus our efforts at the local and community level. Feel free to browse through our site and find out what we are doing to help .

President: Cecilia Terreno

Vice President: Camilla Jini Enrico

Treasurer: Tomasz Naglik

Communications officer: Elisabetta Ferrero

Educations officer: Alma Sukula


Eco School Programme

At IST we encourage the whole community to be part of protecting and regenerating the environment and designing the sustainable world that we need.

For this reason, we offer a comprehensive programme in environmental education, starting from its early years programme.

The programme entails the theoretical teaching and learning of the core principles of permaculture along with year-round experiential learning activities in nature. Students throughout the school establish habits for wildlife to increase biodiversity, grow food in the organic gardens for the school’s cafeteria and innovate and monitor energy saving alternatives. The programme develops students who are passionate about protecting and regenerating the environment and educating the community in environmental awareness.

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