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For Primary School

Youngzine is a website that provides news articles specifically written for children. The website also has a page where children can publish their creative writing. The page, “Our Earth,” contains current news articles on earth-related topics, including environmental issues, natural disasters and wildlife.

For Secondary School

The Guardian is a mainstream British news site. Its environmental news page provides abundant articles on international and UK news regarding climate change, wildlife, green solutions, etc.

Twinkl Newsroom is a website that publishes daily news reports for children. The page, “Environment,” presents all of the news articles on environmental topics such as climate change, wildlife and pollution.

Grist is an American independent news site producing articles on environmental issues from the scientific perspective, the political perspective, and the social justice perspective. In addition, its column, “Ask Umbra,” provides advice on making your lifestyle sustainable.

CBC Kids News is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s news service for children. The page, “Climate Change,” provides news articles on climate change activism, green solutions, and environmental issues.

News for Kids is an American news site that publishes kid-friendly articles daily on national and international news. Its Environment page provides articles on current environmental news for kids to read. The variety of topics include climate change, green solutions and natural disasters. 

The New York Times is a major newspaper in the US. Its page, “Climate and Environment,” contains international and American news regarding these topics. However, anyone who visits the website has access to only 5 free articles per month.

BBC is the main broadcasting service in the UK. The page, “Our Planet Matters,” provides articles on environmental news ranging from activism to scientific findings. Its articles on politics are somewhat UK-centric.

Newsround is BBC’s news service for children. The page, “Climate change and pollution,” contains two lists for articles on these topics. Some of these articles discuss current events, others explain environmental topics, and some are interactive, like a climate change quiz.

The Times of India is the one of the largest English language newspapers in India. Its environmental news section contains international news articles on a variety of environmental topics.

Inside Science is an American nonprofit science news service. The page, “Earth,” contains articles on earth science topics. While some of the articles discuss current events, many of the articles explain new scientific findings. 

CNN (Cable News Network) is a major American news source. The page, “Energy and Environment,” contains all of CNN’s news articles related to the environment. Therefore, there is a large variety of topics.

 Newsround is BBC’s news service for children. The page, “The Natural World,” contains four lists of news articles: Animals, Antarctica, Dinosaurs, and Natural Disasters. These lists, excluding the one on Dinosaurs, all include news articles on environmental issues.

BBC is the main broadcasting service in the UK. The page, “Future Planet,” showcases articles on the development of solutions to environmental issues across the world.

CNN (Cable News Network) is a major American news source. The page, “Going Green,” showcases news articles on green solutions to environmental challenges. It is not updated as frequently as the other pages in this list.

CNN (Cable News Network) is a major American news source. Its page, “Climate,” provides news articles on the effects of climate change, climate activism, and current development of solutions. While there is a greater quantity of US-focused articles, there are also plenty of international articles.

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