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Bees at Work

Intentions and Goals

The bee project allows for in person learning as well as concrete experiences for primary students. After years of being online and finally coming back to desired reality, eco club aims to regain all 'lost' experiences including external learning opportunities. Through this project students are also able to gain a deeper understanding of a reality which is not exposed to them constantly and therefore get to know the world around them in a technical and raw manner. 

Eco Club’s “B-BOX” is an ongoing interactive hive project now in collaboration with other local organisations such as the Orti Urbani of Chieri. At the beginning the initiative was brought to us by an external student who collaborated with various schools to implement the interactive hives know as “B-Boxes”. These hives have the aim of educating children on wildlife respect and gratitude, integrating the community with nature by allowing for everyone to observe and learn from the bees’ lifestyle, as well as giving an opportunity for older students to share their knowledge with younger ones through educational programmes that revolve around the beehive. Implementing diversity in local areas is an important theme that drove eco-club’s interest in the project and with the collaboration of our school and other organisations we hope to promote sustainability on a larger scale. 

What makes the hive interactive is its innovative structure, which ensures safety with a bee entrance 2 meters above ground and keeps a simplistic design to facilitate extraction of honey. Furthermore, the hive is made specifically for educational purposes, since it has a transparent wall for students to observe the bees at work. Lastly, to maintain a bee-friendly complex, the design allows for beekeepers to easily notice any problems occurring inside the hive and benefits the bees’ safety. As of now, there are two hives with different structures that we hope to implement in collaboration with local areas. In the future Eco-Club will work to set up an educational program for our school that can transmit the important message of promoting sustainability around us.

Location of the bee hive


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